Ultra low Viscosity Oil Approved By General Motors


After two years of intensive testing, SAE 0W-20 ultra low viscosity oil from Idemitsu Lubricants America has been approved for use in General Motors products. The oil is the first ever to meet GM’s newest dexos-1™ standard for low viscosity oils. To obtain this distinction, ILA used proprietary technology to attain the required superior fuel economy and performance needed to meet and exceed GM requirements for current and future engine development.

The reason for all the hard work is simple. Lower viscosity equals higher fuel economy. As mileage and emissions standards ratchet up in coming years, manufacturers are looking for anything that will help them meet the higher standards. standards.

“Idemitsu focused on lower viscosity oils intentionally,” said Scott Rajala, Senior Chief Engineer at ILA. “As with our Asian OEM customers, the U.S. OEMs are now beginning to focus on the potential fuel economy savings of lower viscosity engine oils. Idemitsu developed this innovative technology with the intention of being the leader in the OEM factory fill market for fuel economy engine oils.”

In their quest for better mileage, GM and other vehicle manufacturers are adding additional technology to their engines. That technology requires more demanding standards for lubricants. Idemitsu’s 0W-20 has been designed to meet the higher demands of modern engines. In addition, the unique properties of Idemitsu’s 0W-20 provide superior protection for turbocharged engines and suppresses low speed pre-ignition events which are becoming more common.

The new 0W-20 oil features a robust, high quality formulation developed specifically to meet the most rigorous specifications in the industry. Idemitsu’s 0W-20 not only carries the new GM dexos-1: 2015 license, but also satisfies ILSAC GF-5 conditions.

Idemitsu’s 0W-20 demonstrated some of the highest fuel economy benefits ever recorded in GM testing. It took Idemitsu two years to meet and surpass the company’s exacting standards. Idemitsu anticipates its new 0W-20 oil to be specified by more auto manufacturers as the push for higher fuel economy accelerates in coming years.
By using Idemitsu products, in particular Idemitsu’s 0W-20, consumers have an opportunity to make a choice that will not only provide increased fuel efficiency and engine performance, but help the environment through the reduction of emissions.

Published on August 9th, 2016 by Steve Hanley