Signs That You Need to Rush Your Car to a Buick Auto Service Center

Think of Buick service professionals as doctors who can diagnose a car’s illness. Of course, just because you said something was wrong about your car doesn’t mean they can immediately provide a solution without assessing the vehicle. They need to know the source of the problem to come up with the best fix. Otherwise, it’s just applying band aid to a wound that requires a complex treatment strategy.

While a Buick auto service center is always open to help you out, time is of the essence. You need to determine whether there’s an immediate need to have your car repaired or serviced. Knowing the symptoms of a failing car is necessary for you to provide the care it needs.

Flashing Check Engine Light

When the check engine light on the dash is flashing, you shouldn’t hesitate to bring your car to the service center. It could indicate several problems, including emissions system issues. If ignored, such problem may ruin the catalytic converter. It could also affect the way the vehicle runs. So if that light flashes, have your car checked immediately.

Diagnosis Tricks to Know When to Seek the Help of Auto Service Pros 

Excessive Exhaust Smoke and Smoke from Under the Hood

A healthy engine doesn’t emit any type of smoke. That’s why when smoke comes from under the hood, the car should be brought to an auto service center because this could mean that the engine is overheating. You should also monitor the temperature gauge located on the dash. This could tell you whether the engine is overheating. When the gauge is going up, stop for a while and let the engine cool down.

The same goes for the exhaust. More smoke coming out of it at first start during winter months is normal since the exhaust system has water vapor that reacts to the change in temperature. It normally subsides as the engine heats up. However, if excessive smoke comes from the exhaust, it’s time for a checkup. Black residue in the bumper area is another sign that there’s an issue with the exhaust system.

Transmission Problems

Always have a feel of how your car operates because it could tell you a lot of things. Transmission problems can make it more difficult to accelerate or maneuver the car. Drastic changes in the way the car operates and “funny” sounds and feelings coming from it are other signs that the transmission isn’t in good condition. When this happens, bring the car to experts specializing in Buick transmission repair.


Major leaks accompanying some of the problems mentioned above shouldn’t be ignored. They are a glaring sign that something is wrong with your car. You can check for leaks by looking at the ground where you park your car. If you see bright green leaks, that could indicate a coolant issue. On the other hand, dark red or brown spots mean that the transmission or engine oil or brake fluid is leaking out.

Driving Noises

Listen to what your car is saying through the sounds it’s making when on the road. If the tires are making dragging or droning noise, the wheel or differential bearing might be wearing out.You can also know the condition of the brakes through the sounds the car makes when slowing down. A squealing or grinding noise means that the brakes are going through a problem. Have the car tested by a professional to find the source of the funny sounds.

Paying attention to the weird sounds and movements your vehicle is doing, as well as noticing drastic changes in the way it drives can go a long way toward heading off problems. If you notice any of the issues above, don’t wait any longer to bring your vehicle to a reliable service center that specializes in Buick models.


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