Helpful Tips to Care for Your Vehicle Tires from Portland Dealership

Road safety should always be your priority when you get behind the wheel. Beyond making sure that everyone on board wears their seatbelts, or that there is sufficient gas in the tank, or that the brakes and all other pedals and gauges are working well, there is the matter of car tire care.

Especially if you are going on a long drive, you must not forget about checking on the condition of the tires. They can literally mean all the difference in ensuring that you arrive safely at your destination. Even if you’re just driving short distances, however, you should also still make the effort to check your tires. Here are some of the more important things you should take note of when doing so:


Check Air Pressure

Your tires should have just the right amount of air pressure; too soft and it can flatten out, leaving your car unable to run. If it gets too filled with air, then it could have a hard time responding to your navigational commands. Ultimately, your tire’s air pressure can have an impact on your vehicle’s handling and braking power. A monthly check-up should be ideal, but if you feel that it could already need some more air pumped into it, don’t hesitate to check it out.

Watch Your Speed

Driving at high speeds to burn rubber can literally do just that—burn your rubber tires. Even if you’re not out racing, however, getting your tires worn out is still an inevitability that you should try to prevent for as much as possible. Poor road conditions and other hazards can contribute to the heat build-up on your tire. Don’t needlessly aggravate it by driving at high speed.

Do Regular Inspection

It’s just a simple matter of going around your vehicle one time to see if all your tires are still in proper order. Sometimes you just don’t realize it but there could be a nail tacked on there already somewhere. You could be driving to a flat tire and you don’t even know it yet.

By being vigilant with your inspection, you are saving yourself the trouble of getting stuck out on the road, and of course ensuring the safety of both you and your passengers, too. That said, always remember to keep tire replacement tools handy. You never know when you’re going to need to change your tires, so you might as well be ready for any eventuality.

Use Your Spare Tires

Speaking of spares, did you know that it’s also part of your car tire care to switch it up once in a while? Your spare tires are not just there to save you from flat tires—it’s also there to give your stock tires a rest and prevent them from being worn out prematurely. If you are truly religious about your car tire inspection, you should be able to act swiftly and replace any tire that may need replacing in the meantime while a professional check out what’s wrong with your actual tire.

Being more alert about the condition of your tires should also help you save more money. Instead of waiting until the very last minute—or worse, until it’s too late—you do have the option and the capacity to act on your car’s maintenance and upkeep through proper tire care.

On top of all this, you should entrust the care of your tires to Portland service providers, such as McLoughlin Chevrolet, so that they can have a closer look at the actual status of your tire and the rest of your car. Just make sure that you will be keenly following whatever recommendations they may have so that you can keep enjoying a safe and enjoyable drive.



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