A Quick Guide to Extending the Life of Your Chevy Volt

Shifting from a gas-powered vehicle to an electric vehicle has a number of benefits. For one, an EV has zero exhaust emissions so you are helping to save the environment. It is also much cheaper to run and maintain, saving you huge sums of money in the long run. In case you’re not very comfortable with having electricity as your car’s main power source, you can choose a hybrid like the Chevy Volt. This one allows you to use fuel when you don’t have access to a charging station.

A Quick Guide to Extending the Life of Your Chevy Volt 

Despite these benefits, many are still reluctant to make the shift because they are afraid that they might not be able to maintain their EV properly. After all, it has a completely different engine, which also means finding replacement parts may prove difficult. They fear that the car’s battery may not last long, too. If you feel the same way about owning an EV, here are a few tips on how you can prolong the life of your car.

Keep the Car Cool

The battery is the soul of your EV. Without it, your vehicle is no more than a lifeless toy. Unfortunately, like the battery on your cellphone, the batteries in your EV are not made to last forever. They gradually deteriorate, losing capacity for each charge. This also means reduced driving range every time you hit the road. Fortunately, most EV batteries retain over 75 percent of their capacity for up to 4 years, although you can still prolong their life through proper care.

Don’t let your EV sit under the sun for too long. The sun’s heat contributes to the batteries’ lost capacity. If you can’t avoid this, consider purchasing an EV that has an active cooling system to counter the heat.

Unplug at 100%

This happens all the time with cellphones; their batteries weaken faster when always left charging. EVs batteries are pretty much the same, although with greater tolerances. On average, they begin to deteriorate more rapidly when kept at maximum state of charge for more than eight hours. To be safe though, charge the batteries fully before you use the car. Most EV’s have “standard” and “range” charging options, which automatically stops the charging before the batteries reach maximum. You can choose standard before you go to sleep then continue charging until the batteries are full the next day.

Don’t Let the Batteries Die

Keeping the batteries at a discharged state is just as harmful at keeping them fully charged. So be careful not to let the batteries die completely before plugging them to an outlet. The rule of thumb is to not let the batteries stay at below 30 percent charge for a long time, as this may cause bricking in the long run, rendering the batteries useless after only a few years. Going easy on the accelerator and avoiding braking abruptly may also help prolong the life of your EV because you are literally avoiding to push the engine to its limit.

There are many other ways to extend the life of your EV and therefore get the most value for your money. Of course, before you even think of prolonging anything, you should first make sure that the EV you will purchase is of good quality. Look for a car dealership in Portland that features top EV models in their showroom. At McLoughlin Chevrolet, you can easily find the perfect EV. A GM certified dealership, McLoughlin Chevrolet has all the latest brands.


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