Is an Electric Car (such as the Chevy Bolt) Worth Buying?

The world is changing. As fossil fuel starts to run out and the effects of its use to the environment become more obvious, people look to alternative resources—those that cost less and are friendly to nature. What better way to kick off the change than to replace conventional gasoline-powered cars with electric ones. General Motors is one of the pioneers in the mass production of electric cars. Its current flagship, the Chevy Bolt, is a true masterpiece. To be more specific, here are the top benefits of electric cars.

Is an Electric Car (such as the Chevy Bolt) Worth Buying? 

Low Running Cost

Everyone wants to cut down on their transportation expenses. This is why most have downscaled to less expensive car models. Others have reduced their daily mileage to save gas. With an electric car, however, you can save huge sums of money in the long run even without cutting down on anything or changing your driving routine, considering that the electricity needed to charge an electric vehicle costs three times less than gasoline or diesel. In spite of that, it can still perform just as well on the road as its gas-powered counterparts.

Low Maintenance Cost

Since an EV does not burn and deflagrate gas to produce the mechanical energy needed to run the engine, it has a lot fewer moving parts. It doesn’t have an exhaust system, a starter motor, a fuel injection system, or radiators. This means you have fewer car parts to cover during maintenance. The absence of these parts also rids you of the need for replacement parts when the old ones are no longer efficient to use.

Safe for the Environment

Apparently, an EV is an eco-friendly car because it doesn’t use gasoline, which exudes greenhouse gases when burned. However, there are deeper reasons why it is so than just that. One is the fact that electricity is a renewable energy and can be produced from resources other than fossil fuel—resources that are much safer to process, such as the sun. If you want to maximize the eco-friendliness of your EV, you could recharge it from your solar PV system during the day instead of from the grid. There are suppliers of GreenPower that you can turn to as well if you don’t have a PV system yet.

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Safe for Your Health

Electric vehicles, such as the Chevy Bolt, help reduce two types of pollution—air and noise pollution. Thanks to the absence of gasoline, this car has zero emissions. It’s also quieter than conventional vehicles even when running at high speed. Better air quality and less air pollution result in reduced stress and better breathing. Additionally, EVs also come with a lower center of gravity due to their unique body style, which helps prevent the vehicle from rolling over, making each journey much safer than usual.

With all these benefits, who can resist the temptation of buying their own electric vehicle this year? If you want to cut down on your transportation expenses and help save the environment at the same time, the Chevy Bolt is a perfect choice of EV. Just make sure to purchase it from a trusted dealership in Portland, such as McLoughlin Chevrolet, to get the best quality.


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