3 Signs You Should Have an Auto Service Center Check Your Suspension

One of the more commonly overlooked systems in a car is its suspension. A car’s suspension system is designed to maximize a car’s “cling” to the road, improve steering stability, and create a more comfortable ride. Suspension systems are quite durable, but frequently driving over potholes, road salt, railroad tracks, and other less-than-ideal road conditions will eventually take its toll on your suspension.

An older car at an Auto Service Center about to Undergo Suspension Repairs 

A common reason why suspension systems are overlooked is because it’s difficult to visually assess the condition of all the springs, shock absorbers, control arms, and other components of the system. However, there are a few telltale signs that your suspension system is in need of repairs. Here are just a few of these issues to keep a lookout for:

Steering Wheel Feels Like It Has a Mind of Its Own

Have you noticed that your steering wheel seems to be fighting with you for control over your car as you drive? Issues like your car pulling itself to one side while driving or the steering wheel seemingly fighting against you are indicative of a suspension problem like improper wheel alignment or a broken spring. The cause of this particular issue can be difficult to pinpoint on your own so make sure to bring your car to a trusted GM certified auto service center like McLoughlin Chevrolet located near downtown Portland Oregon.

Car Feels Like a Boat When Going Over Humps

Your suspension system is more than capable of absorbing a few bumps on the road and keeps your car stable during hazardous road conditions. If you have noticed that your car tends to rock back and forth as your drive over bumps, this may be indicative of issues with your shock absorbers leaking fluid. In such instances, you’ll want to bring your car to an auto mechanic to have the problem repaired. Prolonging necessary repairs may lead to permanent damage to the shock absorbers, requiring you to have new ones installed.

One Side of Your Car Sits Lower Than the Rest

Try parking your car on level ground and take a close look at the four corners of our car. Do you notice a particular corner sitting lower than the other three corners? If so, take a quick look at the tire on that corner and check if it is underinflated. If it is inflated at the manufacturer recommended level, then you may be dealing with a damaged spring, especially if you’ve been hearing a clunking noise emanating from the underside of your car as you drive over humps. This issue is a safety risk since a damaged spring can lead to compromised cornering.

If you notice any of the issues mention above, make sure you bring your car to an auto service center as soon as possible. Issues with your suspension can easily lead to more problematic issues like premature wear on your tires or even loss of control while turning. Play it safe and make sure you have an experienced mechanic inspect and make any necessary repairs to your suspension.


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