Signs that You Need to Visit the Car Shop to Replace Your Brakes in Portland

The brakes in Portland registered cars are responsible for stopping the car before a collision occurs. When it ceases to function the way it should, major accidents can happen. This is why paying regular attention to the state of your car’s brakes is a priority.


Here are the warning signs that you need to head over to an auto repair shop to get your brakes replaced immediately:  

#1: Softness or Reduced Responsiveness 
When you notice that the brakes feel “squishy” or have hardly any resistance when stepped on, you need to pull over at once. This is an indication that there is a leak in the brake system either as an air leak or a brake fluid leak. Continuing to drive with brakes that are no longer responsive will put you and everyone else on the road in danger. Get the problem fixed right away.

#2: Vehicle Pulling
“Pulling” is a term given when a car veers to a particular side when the brakes are used. This can indicate that the brake linings are wearing unevenly, or it can also be because of foreign matter mixing with the brake fluid. This can be remedied by professionals by replacing the brakes or by draining the compromised brake fluid.

#3: Growling and Other Odd Noises
Odd noises coming from a car is never a good sign. The metallic grinding or growling you hear when you step on the brakes means that the pads are completely worn down. When you start hearing these odd noises the brakes can no longer be repaired, the mechanic will need to replace them.

#4: Vibrating Steering Wheel
When you are speeding down the highway and you step on the brakes, the steering wheel starts to shake. There are many reasons why this happens and this is an issue with all makes and models. One common issue behind the vibrating can be due to warped rotors. This can be fixed by your trusted Portland mechanic through resurfacing or full replacement, depending on the extent of rotor damage. 

#5: Entire Car Shakes
After stepping on the brakes the car starts to shake, this usually means there is a problem with the rear brakes. This needs to be checked by a professional immediately as this can cause problems on the road, especially when you need to step on the brakes at a moment’s notice.

Car brakes should always be in top condition. Any irregularities in their performance should be considered a major concern. The best way to remain safe on the road is to have your trusted car mechanic check your car and do necessary repairs and parts replacement as soon as they are needed.   

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