4 Effective Tips on Finding a Good GM Auto Service Center in Oregon

4 Effective Ways to Locate a Reliable GM Auto Service in Oregon

Each of the 4.1 million registered vehicles in Oregon are fated to break down at some point in their functional life. Sooner or later, your car will reach that point and your driving experience will start to go downhill. Having your car checked by a professional mechanic on a regular basis can delay or sometime even prevent such an occurrence. 

With so many auto service centers to choose from, finding the perfect choice for your vehicle may prove challenging. And because there’s no specific individual sign as to what makes an excellent auto service center, it’s very easy to fall prey to underhanded service providers. Normally, it takes some extra caution to find a trustworthy auto repair and maintenance shop, especially if you’re looking for one that specializes in GM brands. Here are a few pointers to help you in your search.

Choose a Service Center that Specializes in Your Vehicle’s Brand

While most auto repair shops handle almost all vehicle types and brands, there are some that specialize in a single brand or two. Going to one of these specialist shops has a number of benefits. For one, no one knows how to fix your car better than a mechanic who has been trained to fix vehicles of the same brand. In fact, sometimes, it’s even more advisable to just take your car to where you purchased it from. Most dealerships run a service center to provide repair and maintenance solutions primarily to their buyers.

The Mechanic and Shop Must Be Certified

Sometimes, good reviews aren’t enough to say that a certain auto service center is reliable. You need concrete proof, such as a certificate from an institution or an authorized certifying organization, to further validate what the reviews say. One such institution that has been actively promoting high quality standards in the automotive industry is the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. They offer certification programs for mechanics and shops based on their compliance to certain stringent requirements. If you want to make sure that your auto service center is reliable, see to it that they are ASE-certified or accredited to any reputable association.

Ask More Questions to Further Narrow down the Choices

Being inquisitive when servicing a car is a sign of an informed and intelligent shopper. When you are talking to a service center mechanic, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions about the car repair process as possible. Your safety and that of your family could depend on some of these questions. After all, a reputable car repair center wouldn’t be intimidated by a downpour of relevant questions.

Price Tag Variation is a red flag

You can usually identify a bad deal by how much the mechanic says the car repair should cost. Just as you would ask for a second opinion if you are diagnosed with a serious health condition, similarly you should get a quote from more than one auto service center. If the mechanic you are currently negotiating with offers a price that’s either too low or too high, it’s a red flag that you should find someone else.

There are so many more extenuating factors to consider when looking for a good auto service provider. Sometimes it does take a little bit of investigation before you can come up with a short list of the candidates.

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