New Family Members

Here at McLoughin Chevy, we treat our customers like family.  When a member of our family gets to drive away in a vehicle, we are very proud.  Here are some of our newest family members.

You can always click to view prior month's new family members.

Congratulations Franco enjoy your GMC Sierra Pick Up

Jeremy Hart 2019 Bolt

Pablo Crocker 2017 Hyundai Veloster

Chaires Silverado 18

Bonilla Family 2018 Silverado

Bradley Tibbet and his girlfriend 2018 Colorado

Jay & Gina Coalman 17 Nissan Rogue

Gilberto Bautista flores 18 Silverado

Craig Dennis 16 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Darya Yukhimets. 09 Lexus RX 350

Anthony Newborn 18 Malibu

Jose Gil Garibay 18 Silverado

Elidier Chaires 18 Silverado