Appearance Protection Videos

PermaPlate lets you enjoy your new car with confidence by protecting the interior and exterior of your vehicle. The appearance protection videos show PermaPlate's line of protective products in action, including Leatherguard, Fiberguard, Paintguard and Dent and Windshield Protection. PermaPlate protects every surface inside and outside your vehicle, so your new car stays flawless.

The appearance of your vehicle is an essential asset to its value. Keeping your car looking great preserves its value and makes your vehicle stand out. Accidents can happen inside or outside your vehicle at any time. PermaPlate protects your interiors from scuffs, fingerprints, stains and spills, and your exterior from dents and glass cracks. You can enjoy your vehicle with your family, without having to worry about accidents damaging your interiors.

Watch the appearance protection videos to see how PermaPlate's products work. See what customers are saying in the reviews video and purchase a line of automotive protection products for yourself.

PermaPlate Appearance Protection Products

Leatherguard Appearance Protection Product

Fiberguard Appearance Protection Product

Paintguard Appearance Protection Product

Appearance Protection, Windshield and Dent Combo Product

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